Honestly, what could be more fun than being a tourist in your own city? One of the exciting bits of living in a place like Los Angeles is that you are sitting on top of a gold mine in terms of history and entertainment. For the most part I work all throughout the weekends so getting a chance to go out and explore is seriously rejuvenating... even if you come home at the end of the day too tired to walk to bed. So yesterday, two of my closest friends joined me for a great day in Los Angeles!
Here was our little itinerary for they day:

  • Lunch - Otium
  • The Broad Museum
  • Amoeba Music
  • The Griffith Observatory
  • Dinner - Jitlada Restaurant

Otium was perfectly located right next to the Broad Museum, our first stop of the day. We were pleasantly surprised by the very trendy atmosphere and delicious food options. Their Sunday Brunch specials were great and also pretty affordable considering the location! I would definitely recommend the Crispy Potatoes... yes. Just yes.

I have been DYING to go to The Broad for so long I can't even explain it. They have the option of either making a reservation, waiting in a stand-by line for a free ticket, or buying one for $12 for immediate entry. We did the latter since the visit was pretty spur of the moment. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the mirror room since those are also made through reservations (something I didn't think was necessary for a museum... call me crazy). But the contemporary art was so so interesting and I was able to see some of my favorite artists work like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichenstein. 

Our initial interest in going to LA was to visit Amoeba since both of my friends had never actually been before. I can't lie the amount of music, videos, etc. they have in there is very overwhelming to the senses. I can never really find anything I like just from the sheer volume of possibilities. But, it is always fun to look around at all the different genres (and also some fun people watching). 

The Griffith Observatory is one of my favorites spots to visit in LA. No matter how many times I see that view I don't think I ever get over it. The Hollywood sign is in plain view with the rest of LA just out on the horizon. The building itself is gorgeous and best of all FREE! We went and sat on the grassy lawn for awhile and then strolled through and around the observatory. 

Given that we are all lovers of Thai food, finding a good and authentic restaurant is sometimes a hit and miss. Well folks. This was a massive HIT. Jitlada is a small little whole in the wall in a strip mall on sunset blvd. The food takes its time to get out to you but man oh man. It was worth the wait. My friend who traveled around Thailand was ecstatic at the authenticity of the food. Also fun little tidbit, it is one of Drew Barrymore's favorite restaurants!

If you get the chance to visit or even live in LA and want a fun (and tiring) day I highly suggest all of the above!

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  1. This sounds so fun! I recently visited LA and loved it :D I really enjoyed Griffith park as well, the views were so cool. I really like the sound of Otium cafe, I am so going there on my new visit!
    Steph x. Hello, Steph Blog