As I was sitting down to write this post my initial intention was to make it as Fall as possible. The funny thing about this season is that I had never really experienced a true Autumn until I moved to New York. No surprise here but... it quickly became my favorite season. 
The humidity in New York would finally leave and in its place came a chilling air. The leaves in and around the city would become absolutely breathtaking. Don't get me wrong, Spring (after a long and freezing winter) is just as beautiful but it was Fall that stole the scene. 
Now that I'm back in Los Angeles I am aching for a taste of real Fall. The weather here is a roller coaster that stays somewhere between 80 and 90 (27 to 32 Celsius) and it just really kills the mood. Wearing shorts half-way through October isn't exactly my ideal situation. 
What usually happens, at least here in Southern California, is that people dress for the season and not the weather. It can be 85 degrees without a cloud in the sky and you can bet that there will be a woman with a turtleneck sweater drinking a hot pumpkin spice latte. It's quite hilarious I can't lie but you know what... I am culprit of this as well. So I am going to humor myself here and post some of my current favorite looks for Autumn that won't be too ridiculous to be wearing walking around the beach or in the stifling hot city.

I'm really hoping to make a trip back to New York before Fall is over but if I can't then I'll just have to sit in a very air-conditioned room with a hot chocolate wearing a big, chunky knit sweater to satisfy myself. And a happy Autumn season to all! Xoxo Sam 

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