JU got to be LYing to me that this month is already over. (badpunbadpunsbadpuns) It went lightening fast and honestly the biggest "accomplishment" I made was finishing the Harry Potter series which you, my friend, can read about here. Today I got an email from Bath and Body Works -- we're in a pretty personal relationship, nothin special -- and lo and behold THEY ARE ADVERTISING FALL CANDLES. Okaaayyyyy I mean cool. yeah. I'm cool with it.
To think that for the past four summers I was preparing to go back to school around this time. Saying goodbyes, planning my return trip (war flashbacks to packing/traveling with said luggage), and getting back into the school mentality.
But NOW I'm approaching that endless void of "you can do what you want now" and... well... HALP.
And now for the moment you've all been sitting on the edge of your seats for -- I know the anxiety is a lot for me too-- what did I like/love for the summertime month of July:


I was given a tip that putting on a tinted moisturizer will kind of help with the longevity of your foundation. I gotta say folks, they didn't lie. I like this one because sometimes moisturizer's can sometimes leave me feeling oily. BUT LOOK LOOK LOOK Oil Free^^^^ 

I've been putting this on before my mascara and I have to say my lashes have never looked better. The white lash look is also great for costumes like: a ghost, a kid with white eyelashes (ooo spooky), or a crazy aunt. 

Woof, I love nail polish color names, but this one's a doozy. That being said the color is super delightful to behold every time I look down at my nails. 

I commend her for pulling off the choker look. But guys, I can't do it. I think I'm allergic to trend-wear honestly. The shirt I CAN say is super soft and cozy and comfy and yes. I also wore it to Buffalo Wild Wings and felt immediate anxiety that I looked like I could also be a waiter there. 

The name of the company pretty much does it for me. 

Music: I've been either listening to oldies or podcasts right now honestly. I love that Spotify has so much to offer. Totes worth the monthly fee (there was no sarcasm there I swear). 
Books: Again Harry Potter but now that I'm finished I'm Free I'm Free! I'm going to hold off on Cursed Child just because, and I HATE TO SAY THIS, but my friends who have read it were sadly disappointed. BUT I just finished reading Grace & Style: The Art of Pretending You Have It by Grace Helbig and it was frickin hysterical.
T.V.: The Bachelor is over. She chose the wrong guy yada yada NEXT. OMG tho Stranger Things. I binged that like a bowl of ice cream. 11 I miss you, sent us a note saying you're okay. Okay?!
Movies: Please refer to my previous post Summer Movie Extravaganza here! I also saw the new Woody Allen film by myself at noon on a Monday because they have senior discounts and apparently I'm an 82 year old not a 22 year old. 

Let me know what some of your favorite things in July were OR OR OR let me know your blog name and I'll come check it out for myself! xoxo Sam

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