Flirting with February: My Top Gift Ideas for Valentines Day


Happy February to all! January is finally over (anyone else feel like it was the longest month ever?) and we are quickly approaching probably one of the most controversial days of the year - Valentine's Day. Now I will say I have never been a huge lover of Valentine's Day because I think we should show our loved ones everyday how special they are. There shouldn't be one day that you are required to buy gifts in order to show your affection.
Recently, however, I have had a small change of heart. What's wrong with buying a dozen roses, a box of chocolates, going out to a nice dinner, and sitting amongst people who are also sharing their love. And I also don't think that Valentine's day is meant only for couples. Last year my friends and I all had a huge Valentine's day photo shoot and then threw a party after. It was so much fun and, although the party ended up getting a bit out of hand, it was the first Valentine's day that I didn't bash or loathe.
So with that said here are some of my top gifts for the special ladies in your life!

Also wanted to mention that BH Cosmetics is having a great Valentine's day sale and it ends in like 18 hours to go go go!
I hope these inspire you all and here's to a new month! xoxo Sam

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