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Happy Friday everyone! This week went so fast I feel like it gave me whiplash. So it's no surprise that my love of reading started to dwindle off a bit towards the ends of year. With so many reading materials, papers, projects, etc. for school I am always brain dead by December. I also love the idea of lending books. My best friend and I are constantly lending each other our new favorite reads. So here below is a little list of my finished January book, my current book, and the next book on my list!

The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins

Oh my god you guys this book is just spectacular. I love mysteries and so often I am able to figure out the ending within at least the first hundred pages. But this book... I can honestly say I had no clue and it is SHOCKING. I don't even want to give a synopsis I just want you to be totally surprised!

Daily Reflections for Highly Effective People - Stephen R. Covey
So this will continuously be a current book because it basically works like a calendar for an entire year. 365 daily reflections that are based off the 7 habits of highly effective people written by Covey. So far (day 8) I am really liking his reflections. Every night I sit and journal the reflections and just let my mind work out what it means for me. My mom gave this as a gift to me and one for my sister for christmas. Hopefully by the end of this year I too can be a highly effective individual *wink wink*

Next Up
The World is Waiting for You 

"With contemporary graduation speeches that dissect the world as it is and imagine what it could be, The World Is Waiting for You brings forth eighteen courageous figures who have dared to transform the podium into a pulpit for championing peace, justice, protest, and a better world." My cousin gifted me this as I am swiftly approaching graduation form Uni in May (AHH!). I am excited to hear the words of people who went out into the world and made an actual difference in people's lives. 

Are there any books you are reading that you are dying to share? Let me know! Have a great weekend everyone xoxo Sam

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