My Current Skincare Routine


Hello Hello! Well this week sure has flown by like holy crap I go back to New York in less than two weeks! I have been eager to write this post as I am newly venturing into the world of skincare. Now I would say my skin is very combination (oily in the T-Zone and dry on my cheeks and forehead). I get the worst break outs in my chin area and even more recently (as I have ventured more into the wonderful world of makeup) my skin has started to have odd reactions to products. Now I have never been someone who loves to sit and bake in the sun but I can admit to one too many really horrific sunburns. Combine that with a diet that basically consists of whatever is cheapest and easiest and well... no bueno.
After watching numerous Youtubers, Bloggers, Celebrities, etc. divulge their skincare secrets I was eager to try it all out for myself. So here are just some of the products I have been experimenting with over the past few weeks!


Anti-Aging Power Serum
Yes, yes I know I am 21 years old. But you know what I think that trying to start the anti-aging process at a younger age can actually be really beneficial. It's the same as exercising and being fit in order to be more healthy later in life. So I have been putting this on in the morning and at night. It feels so natural on my skin and leaves it feeling ridiculously soft. No weird tingling or tightness which you can often get with other anti-aging products. 
High-Potency Night-A-Mins
This cream has been like incredible. It is quickly becoming my favorite product and I dread the day I run out. Basically it works over night to break away the dead particles on your skin so when you wake up your skin is revived and replenished. It also has many essential vitamins that do wonders for your skin. And I mean the orange smell...ugh heaven.

Frothy Face Wash
This one is pretty much just your basic face wash. I figure its better to keep products all within the same brand family so that irritation doesn't occur. But this leaves my skin super fresh after a full day of wearing makeup. 
Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores
I am not gonna lie to you guys I have yet to have a moment to sit down and try this product. HOWEVER I have seen it on so many frickin blogs and youtube videos I was okay this stuff must be magic. So I will report back once I have really tried and tested it to see how well it works! I have used other charcoal masks before and love the results so I am eager to see how this higher quality one compares.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Let me know if there are any products you have found work well with combination skins and I'll definitely try them out! xoxo Sam

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