Day Trip to San Diego + What I Wore


Yesterday my sister and I decided to go and visit my older sister in pacific beach San Diego. It was a semi-chilly day and oddly enough many things were shut down for the winter this is California...come on people it's not THAT cold. (Disclaimer: El Niño has everyone in California absolutely in a frenzy of excitement/confusion apparently).

For my outfit choice I opted for green Springfield jeans that are so comfortable that my sister actually gave me. They were bought in Spain as Springfield doesn't exist in the states! (cries forever) The jean jacket is one of my moms old one's from like the 80's that I steal every time I'm home and the shirt is from Zara. The booties of course were bought from Nordstrom Rack but are actually Lucky Brand!

My sister had been raving about this new coffee shoppe called Better Buzz. They have a drink literally called "the best drink ever" and holy moly... IT IS AMAZING. Not only does it taste like heaven but daaaaang was that puppy strong! If you are ever down in that area I highly recommend it!
Here is my drinking said drink... also yes I know one nail is painted on but it ripped off the other morning and I didn't have time to go and get them removed (lol what a mess)

Hope you enjoyed the post! I may try to do more ootd so let me know how you like them! xoxo Sam

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