Top 5 Christmas Movies


Hello Hello! I have to say I'm surprised with myself for getting a blog post out yesterday (considering I had to write two blog posts for my internship *soon to be on SoleScriptions Blog!*) but here we are for day 2 of December! Maybe it's just my obsession with Christmas but I really am so inspired to create as much content for the blog this month as I can. I know that I have other responsibilities I should be focusing on (schoolwork? job applications? present buying?) but 'tis the season to procrastinate!
Today I wanted to share with you all my top 5 Christmas movies. I challenged my best friend to watch at least one Christmas movie everyday until Christmas... it may be overly ambitious and we will part ways about 5 days before Christmas but why not add a little more to our already full plate this month!
Without further ado here are is my personalized list of Christmas movies:

1. The Grinch
Hands down. No competition. All around. BEST. CHRISTMAS. MOVIE. EVER.
You can disagree but you're wrong. Honestly if I'm being completely honest I think this would rank as one of my top ten movies ever! Call me crazy but I can watch this movie 50 times in a row and never (I repeat never) get sick of it. Just so so good.

2. The Santa Clause
Okay so getting a little personal this movie means a lot to me. I have a really awful memory and sometimes things in my childhood blur or just don't come to me as easy as other people. But one thing I remember with complete vividness (is that a word?) is my sister and I setting up Santa's workshop in our bathroom. She was Bernard (the head elf in the movie) and I was Julie (the girl elf) and we would spend hours and hours playing. And the best part was we would do this year round, not just during Christmas. I'm sure my parents thought we were nuts but that's okay. It is one of my favorite memories to look back on. 

3. Love Actually
I mean who doesn't love this Christmas movie. This is another one I can watch in July and not feel crazy because it is just such an amazing film.

4. The Holiday
I have gotten into some serious debates about whether this is a Christmas movie and will literally go to my grave saying that it most definitely is. I mean it's literally called THE HOLIDAY! Love Kate, love Cameron, love Jack, and love Jude. Just so so great.

5. Beauty and the Beast - The Enchanted Christmas
Ugh this movie. The songs are so amazing, it's belle (my fav Disney princess), and it's Christmas! My friend and I spent a good hour or so last week just talking about how much we love this movie and the songs. It's one that isn't necessarily popular or very well known but I love love love it!

Let me know in the comments what some of your favorite Christmas movies are so I can add them to my list for the 25 days! xoxo Sam

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