Holiday Party Outfit Inspiration!


Welp we are coming in the home bend here as finals week begins next monday! I have to say I'm surprisingly the most relaxed I've ever been coming into finals week so hopefully that's a good sign. I am so so ready to be home though. We recently decorated the apartment (shown on Snapchat: samantha_wiggs) and it's going to be sad to leave all the little decorations behind when we go home for the holidays! But, we decided to throw a christmas party this Saturday as a sort of bon voyage to all our friends before finals week and a good excuse to stop studying for a few hours.
I went through Forever 21, H&M, and Nordstrom to find some holiday outfits that I thought would look great for parties or even for New Years Eve, which is only a few short weeks away!! (YIKES 2016!)
So here we are:

Forever 21

I thought this was a gorgeous cut for a Forever 21 dress. It looks beautiful and would be great for a fancier event (or an event that you want to show off your vavavoom to that special someone)

49.99 Sequined Silver Dress
This simpler, sequin-ey piece looks like it would be a great dress for someone going to a dance party or a night out with the girls. I am really so not a sequin person but for some reason this time of year always makes me think twice...

Nordstrom - TopShop
Gigi Embellished Body-Con Dress
The print work on this dress is just gorgeous if you look at it up close. I feel this is the perfect balance of being sophisticated but still relaxed. The color is great as well; nude colors really do work all year long.

So when looking at Forever 21's website I came across this little number in the holiday outfit section and almost burst. Watch out Grandma and Grandpa Sam is back from University.

Well I hope this inspires you to go out and find the perfect holiday dress! Let me know what some of your favorite stores to shop in are and I'll check them out!
Love always xoxo Sam

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