November Favorites


I absolutely can not believe November is already over. Compared to October, which dragged...and dragged...and dragged... But finally the time has come to finish 2015 off with a bang! School is going to be quite insane in these next few weeks but I am ready to finish up and head back home to spend the holidays with all my most nearest and dearest.
Speaking of home Thanksgiving break was exactly what the doctor ordered. As soon as that plane landed in LAX I hung my head out the car window like a dog, just taking in the warmer air. Even though it was around 1am there (4am in New York) my best friend and I laughed and sang and danced the entire car ride home. Each day was jam packed with friends and family and laughs and most importantly enough love to give me just enough motivation to take on these final weeks of school. My favorite night of being home was staying in our cabin, fresh snow on the ground, playing monopoly, charades, and heads up with my two sisters, mom, and stepdad. God, I would love to go back to the way I felt in that moment anytime I'm feeling down.
But alas I'm back to school, ending my internship, and also trying to scramble to get ready for the holidays. Here are just a few things that I was loving in November!


I honestly don't even want to reveal anything about this movie because it was actually one of the most amazing films I have ever seen. And I was so happy to go into it with no prior knowledge of the book or plot. Just do yourself a big favor and go see it!!!

Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2
I would be lying if I said I LOVED the movie. I actually hated the ending of the books so it would make sense that I still wouldn't like the movie adaptation of said book... but still it's Jennifer Lawrence people like come on (side note: Joy comes out this month!!!!)

This Christmas playlist by none other than the famous Youtuber Zoella has been on heavy heavy rotation the month of November (yes I am most definitely someone who plays christmas music for 2 months straight so sue me).
Okay this show has to be my absolute favorite of all the fall shows... even AHS has been sort of well snoozy the past few episodes. I love following movie soundtracks on Spotify but I've never really followed tv soundtracks! (also follow American Horror Story's soundtrack which is fab).

Leopard print is HOT HOT HOT this season and I am an eager beaver to get my hands on some! Definitely putting a leopard coat on my christmas list this year.

I know it's a short list but I promise December will have lots more blog posts than November did (the month really did escape me I feel like I was in a time warp). And if you didn't catch it, make sure to check the blogpost I wrote for Solescription The Evolution of Women's Love Affair with Shoes: 100 Years of Style

Much love to all of you lovelies and HAPPY DECEMBER!!! xoxo Sam

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