Introverts Guide to Throwing a Holiday Party


So back before Thanksgiving my roommate and I planned a holiday party for the Saturday before finals week just to kind of take a break from studies, say goodbye for the winter break, and also celebrate the best holiday ever CHRISTMAS! Before I begin I am an introvert but I am also totally okay with being in social situations, I just feel extremely exhausted after. It used to be a lot worse but as I have tried to train myself to enjoy very social settings it has definitely become easier. But throwing a party is so much different than attending one! So here are just a few tips that I find help me get through the stress and anxiety that lead up to and during the event.

Only send out invitations to people who already know where you live
This might sound odd but the reason I suggest this is if people don't need to ask for your address, or at least the apartment building you live in, chances are they are good friends. When sending out invitations to the party we were hesitant to give the address. Normally, as always happens with parties, word gets out and what was once 20 people is now 50. We have a small flat and it would've been a mess to try to get more people in than were invited.

Make sure people respect the RSVP
Obviously in college most kids don't understand the proper protocol for parties. For me RSVP is more for the hosts sanity so they can have a mental picture of who is coming, how much food/alcohol to have, etc. I had bought eggnog last night after talking up my secret recipe for weeks now. But of course I didn't know how many people were for sure coming so I didn't buy enough. I found myself asking my roommate a hundred times who of her friends were for sure coming only because I didn't want to be surprised when a bunch of people walk in the door.

Have a few close friends come a little early
Even though I had my roommate with me, we were both really nervous for the party. It was the first one we have thrown in our apartment and again with finals it was a 50/50 shot people would have the time to show up. But I had my best friend and his boyfriend over before and it really helped calm my mood. I figured even if no one showed up at least I would have a fun time with the people I was with.

People WILL show up, even if it's an hour late
I mean we all do it! Invitation says 9 and everyone waits until 10. I even expected it last night but I found myself panicking when 9:30 rolled around and only a few people had shown up. As an introvert it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking no one is going to show up. Even my roommate was joking that she was going to bed if people didn't start showing up by 10. I love the scene in 200 Cigarettes where Martha Plimpton's character is completely convinced no one is going to come to her party and then it ends up being like the craziest party ever. And honestly this is normally how it is, all at once everyone will show up and you'll be kicking yourself for freaking out in the first place.

Make sure everyone gets home
I don't mean sending anyone out who is obviously blasted off their mind but at the same time one of the best feelings is the moment that last person leaves. Last night I was exhausted by a certain point but had to keep a good face until all the guests had left. For an introvert, having to keep entertaining after the party ends is too much to handle. Unless it is a special situation, making sure no one sleeps over really helps you rest your mind and go over the details of the night in your head in peace.

As much fun as I had last night I may need to wait a while to throw another party. Prying my eyes open to get up and study today was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. Not only physically but mentally exhausted. I wish I would've gotten some pictures from the night but hopefully they will be posted online by some of the attendees! And now that the night is over I can focus on my finals (something I procrastinated all day because of nerves!) and get ready to go home for break Tuesday

sending some holiday spirit and lots of love always xoxo Sam

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  1. i would definitely prefer to attend one haha but when i have my own place it would be cool to do :)

    avec danielle | holiday giveaway!

  2. This is such a great post, I know someone who could do with reading this article :)