Forever 21 + Aerie Finds!


Hello hello! Happy Saturday to you all I hope everyone's November is going well. This time of year (for me at least) is when I feel like my wardrobe needs a bit of an upheaval. Now, given that I am a broke college student, I am not going out and buying things from Bloomingdales. But that being said I do think that picking up more expensive pieces benefits you in the long run.
I was talking to my sister recently (complaining about money what a shock) and she said she has been making some extra cash selling her old clothes on an app called Mercari! It is a pretty basic idea where you just take a picture, give some details about the object, and then price it out. Then the community either likes it (or not) and hopefully if you've priced it right someone buys it! They even give you the option to include shipping in the cost or have separate shipping for the customer. I have a weird attachment to clothes so choosing what to put up was hard because I can't let go of the memories I have made wearing those articles of's strange... I know.
After looking at my closet and being dreadfully bored with the things I do own, I decided to go through Aerie and Forever 21 to see if they had some cheapy pieces that might just give some life back into my wardrobe.

Forever 21
Leopard Faux Fur Coat - $69.99

I have been wanting a leopard coat for AGES now and I think this one is the perfect cut. The comments do say it fits a little boxy so be wary of that if you are more petite. 

D-Frame Sunglasses - $5.90
I have somehow miss placed every single pair of glasses that I own. And this ladies and gentleman is why I buy cheap sunglasses. I also liked these because they are bigger on the face and when I wear glasses the goal is to be as incognito as possible. 

Stripe-Trim Pom Beanie - $8.90
Need I say more? A knit beanie...with a pom...and stripes...

Aerie Softest Crop Bonfire Sweater, Soft Muslin - $39.95
This is a piece from the Aerie real campaign with Emma Roberts. So maybe I'm being a teensy bit biased because I love Emma Roberts and her style so freaking much. But this sweater just looks so so warm and so so cozy that I want to reach out and grab it from the screen. However as I was searching Forever 21 I did find a similar one here

Aerie Bonfire Blanket Scarf, Deep Plum - $29.95

In my personal opinion you can never have too many scarves. I love nothing more than to curl up with a scarf on under a blanket. Because I am so chronically cold and the winters in New York absolutely murder me sometimes I put two scarves on...just to be sure. And this one is so great with the red and pink mixed with the blue. (I see a minor trend here with the red white and blue...) 

I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to follow along to see what more is in store for next time! Lots of love always xoxo Sam!

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