The Power of Makeup For Halloween - 3 Looks


First of all I want to start out by saying that I did not do the makeup for these looks! That credit goes to my amazing friend Aaron Plantz (@aaronplantz on IG and I'm serious guys check him out he's unbelievable). We really collaborate a lot on the looks we do and I provide the clothing etc etc. So without further ado here are some special Halloween inspired makeup looks for you all!

Look 1: Harlequin 
I always laugh because Aaron really never does gory looks on me but he was able to get his hands on some 3rd Degree Alcone Company makeup and voila! this incision look was born. To be honest I really loved this look because of it's simplicity. The nude lip, soft eyes, and pulled back hair allowed all the focus to be on the two cuts. Considering Halloween is a few short days away I may try to just recreate this look! The lipstick I'm holding is Jeffree Star Cosmetics Posh Spice Velour Liquid Lipsticks (wow that is a mouthful). I'm unsure what fake blood he used but the one's you can get at party city work just as well to be honest!

Look 2: Hypodermic Sally from AHS Hotel
Ugh you guys I love Sally's character so much. I know I already posted this pic in a post but I felt I needed to explain this look a little more. So first the coat is from Forever 21 as well as the earrings. The choker necklace was actually just made on the spot from some things Aaron had lying around his room. My hair was crimped by making hundreds (and hundreds and hundreds) of little braids all over. We let them set while I was getting the makeup done and then back brushed the roots. Obviously this would be easier if we had an actually crimping iron but honestly do they even make those anymore? I had one when I was like 8 but I really don't think I have seen one sense. What is most important is to really get the lip right. I have much bigger lips than the queen Sarah Paulson so it made it look a little more dramatic. The eyes were super simple to do because you basically just have to have a spaz attack with some black powder and eyeliner. Aaron noticed there was an odd shine to her cheeks as well so he added a ton of vaseline which you actually really can't notice in this picture but in person it created a nice dewy look. I walked home wearing this and let me tell you people were giving me the weirdest looks ever and I LOVED IT! 

Look 3: Maleficent 
Okay okay... I saved my favorite for last. But I could not resist putting this one in here! We really didn't know how this would turn out but Aaron was so inspired by Angelina Jolie and those KILLER CHEEKBONES that we just had to do it. The horn/head wrap thing was made using one of those headband things (I really don't know the name) that goes around your ears but has a hole on top and some Halloween Devil horns wrapped in duct tape. We also just wrapped a black sheet around me for the body. I think one of my favorite parts is how well the widows peak blended into the head wrap. The skin looks flawless but man that contour process... I really love this look and we hope to improve it even more with some clay to make those cheek bones even better! 

I hope you guys can find some inspiration from this post! I really am so ready for Halloween to be over and done with because IDK how much longer I can avoid choosing a costume! Have a happy Wednesday 
xoxo Sam

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  1. All of these are so amazing, your friend did a fab job - I'll check out his Instagram

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