September Favorites


So I know I already did a fall favorites but there were a few things I tried this month that I really want to share! September was just a series of highs and lows, continuously dipping up and down. There were moments of extreme happiness and extreme anxiety (I sound bipolar I know), but all in all I survived! Such a shocker. Nevertheless here are some of the things I was loving the month of September
1. I figure I'll start with some of my favorite beauty products

This is literally the shit I do like. I am constantly trying to find affordable makeup that wears like a more expensive brand. My makeup artist friend (@aaronplantz on instagram) told me about this and then surprised me with it one day! I had been using other drug store brands but as soon as I tried this I was sold. And here's the best part... it's only 2.99! Unbelievable????

2. My favorite mask
This stuff cleans my face, no joke, better than anything I have ever used before. I have combination skin so some parts of my face can get extremely dry and others can be quite oily. This miracle of a mask doesn't overly dry me out or make me excessively oily. I only use it about 2 to 3 times a week but I wake up the next morning and my skin just feels like it has been cleaned and rejuvenated. 
3. Contouring heaven

Okay so you can't really tell how amazing these contour colors are from Anastasia Beverley Hills Cosmetics but TRUST ME you. will. die. The top one is called Banana and I use it to set my under eye contour so I don't crease throughout the day [as well as covering up those pesky dark circles]. The Second is Fawn and I use it as a bronzer just below my cheek bone and around the top part of my forehead. I have never found a bronze color I like (probably because of my fair skin) but this is so amazing and you only need a dab of it to really go a long a way. And finally Champagne! I use this as a highlighter at the top of my cheek bones, tip of the nose, bow of the lip, as well as my chin. It is as close as I can get to the Jaclyn Hill x Becca Champagne pop Highlighting Powder and it truly is a great counter part if you find yourself strapped for cash. 
4. For those on fleek brows...
Another wonderful new addition to the collection is the Anastasia Beverley Hills DIPBROW pomade. This stuff is a little tricky to get the hang of at first (I felt like a drag queen the first time I put it on) but once you do they are flllllaaaaawwwwwless. 

5. Best television show!
I know I am so tardy to the party but I watched the pilot of this in my scriptwriting class and man oh man is it gooooood. I love shows like this because they require a deeper level of thinking. Not that some sitcoms aren't funny but I just can't get as invested in them as dramas. Also there are so many great shows that have either started or are starting this month and I JUST CAN'T DEAL. 

6. Best New Movie
So technically this just came out but I saw it over the weekend and could not wait to talk about it. I had also seen Black Mass and The Intern this past month which were super amazing as well but this... this. The humor, the science, and the overall aesthetics of this film were just beyond. Seeing it in 3-D is the only way to go. This is a movie you HAVE TO SEE IN THEATRES
Like Gravity, you will be on the edge of you seat, clutching the arm rest, and holding your breath. I was completely and utterly exhausted by the end. 

I will end here for this favorites but thanks for reading and happy October! I hope you all are getting into the holiday spirit because christmas is around 80 days away ;)

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