American Horror Story Hotel Review!


Okay I couldn't just not address this very important topic. American Horror Story Hotel, the latest installment of the American Horror Story series, has finally aired. And *drumroll please* IT WAS FANTASTIC. I really really really (read: really) wanted this to be good. After how horrifyingly terrible last season was I thought all hope was lost. I couldn't even finish it, something I never thought I would do with a show I loved so dearly before, and became bitter whenever someone brought it up. I couldn't connect to any of the characters. It became a show about aesthetic appeal as opposed to a complete storyline.
Now going into this season I was on the defensive. As soon as I saw Lady Gaga was cast I rolled my eyes and thought "here we go again." But I am so so so happy to report back that I was wrong. Although I may not be a huge fan of the Ga I really enjoyed her performance. They didn't try to overwhelm the audience with introducing a ton of new characters. They gave a nod to season one with the dog story. And they also found that flow that had been slowly declining since asylum.
This was dark and twisted, something that hasn't been seen in over two seasons, but it never became a hokey stereotypical horror show.
Perhaps Ryan Murphy is letting his ridiculous storylines go into Scream Queens, which I love for that exact reason. He is letting the horror speak for itself. It feels very reminiscent of season one, the OG, and I hope for nothing else but that it continue to perform as well as the first episode did.
Also Hypodermic Sally is bae forever.

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