Fall Favorites Tag


Finally finally finally! My all-time favorite season has arrived and I am so so so ready for it!
The summer is always incredible but being in NYC... this. humidity. is. killing. me.
So I figured I would do the Fall Favorites Tag, although meant for a youtube video, on my blog!
This is inspired by the amazing and fabulous makeup artist Jaclyn Hill *if you haven't heard of her then you need to climb out from behind that rock*

So the first question is...
Favorite Fall Candle: So believe it or not I have fallen in love love love with the glade Pumpkin Pie Diner that you can find pretty much anywhere. It is literally the essence of fall. One whiff and I am thrown into a thanksgiving day turkey coma.

Second question... 
Favorite Fall Lip Color: One of my best friends is a makeup artist and he is constantly getting free swag from makeup companies that want him to use and sponsor their brand. So recently he contacted Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics and asked for tons and tons of stuff. And I just so happened to be over at his house *read: drooling over his shoulder* and he ordered me some stuff as well! So I am so stoked on life to be able to get some of the new liquid lipsticks from them! The one that I feel is completely fall is the lipstick in the color American Doll. I am going to wear the crap out if it all season long I can already tell!

Third Question...
Favorite Fall Drink: Don't hate me but PSL's *pumpkin spice latte's for all those people that were under that rock* are actually the most disgusting thing to me ever. So although it isn't really a seasonal drink I live for chai tea lattes. But the reason I especially love them during fall is because it is finally cool enough to get them hot hot hot! Sitting on the couch with a hot chai tea latte. UGH. can't. 

Fourth Question...
Favorite Fall Clothing Item: This is IMPOSSIBLE to answer. There are so many clothing items that I absolutely j'adore during fall. However, for me, I am a hat lover. I literally could wear a hat at all times of the day, all the time, forever. There is nothing I love more than putting on the first beanie when the air finally drops to a cool temp. This knit one from Urban Outfitters is such an amazing color and looks so warm and cozy and I just want to bundle up inside of it!

Fifth Question...
Favorite Fall Movie: So I'm sure I'm not the only one but every year when I was a kid the 13 nights of Halloween on ABC family was like life itself. The original movies on disney channel of course were equally as amazing. But there is one movie that is just fall to me and that is Autumn in New York. I know, I know it is so corny but give me Winona Ryder in literally just about anything and it will be my favorite. It is also so amazing to be in New York and watch that movie because I feel like it really see's all the beauty that the city has during this season.

Sixth Question...
Favorite Fall TV Show: You guys I am so conflicted!!! So usually I would say hands down it has to be American Horror Story. The first few seasons would literally bring me to tears from excitement every time I knew they were approaching. But after last season I just don't know... I DON'T KNOW. If Hotel does not live up to it's potential then I think I am going to have to say goodbye forever because I just don't know if I can stand the heartbreak anymore.

Seventh Question...
Favorite Thanksgiving Food: Can I just say I love that she put this question in there. How often do people ask you what your favorite Thanksgiving food is but WE ALL HAVE ONE. Unfortunately, I haven't gone home for Thanksgiving all through college and last year I was in Germany with my sister and we had like a Mcdonalds meal since we were traveling all through the night. But if I was home I would literally be shoveling down my grandma's sweet potatoes. When I say they complete my existence I am not exaggerating. Just thinking about it now... no. Too much love.

Last but not least the Eighth Question...
Favorite Halloween Costume: 
I can't lie to you all I really am not a fan of Halloween. My idea of this holiday well spent is sitting on the couch watching a scary movie and eating candy. Sorry but dressing up just infuriates me, I have no idea why. But as a child I would have to say my favorite costume was my Sailor Moon one. I sooo wish I had a picture because my mom had hand sewn it for me and it was so frickin' adorable. Other than that if I can avoid dressing up all together that would be the best for everyone involved.

That looks like it is it for now but everyone should really try to get into the fall spirit because it makes everyday so much more fun. I mostly say this because I absolutely looooathe winter after the holidays and I try to relish every beautiful medium temperature day before the wintery hell approaches.

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