A Change Has Come


If I could express the amount of change that has occurred just over the past week or so that I last posted into words... I just CAN'T.
My rejuvenation for life has increased tenfold and each day I wake up excited to be alive. I finally, after thousands of resumes, cover letters, tears and outbursts of anger, I have gotten an internship.
To say it suits me perfectly is an understatement. It suits me DIVINELY.
All my life I have been unable to tell people if I am proud of myself or not. I always try to stay humble and respect others. Most people, especially peers, have a hard time with others success. I know that I suffer from it! I can be the most envious of people (something I have talked about in an old blog post) but right now I can't help but feel overjoyed that all the effort I have put into searching for an internship has actually worked out into the most wonderful opportunity.
**I will tell you all more about the company in another post**
This past weekend I went to Boston to meet my mom and her friend for a short (very short) getaway. And I fell madly in love with the place.
After New York, anywhere seems like disneyland. The streets were clean, the people were smiling, there were no intense crowds, and there was a slight breeze that added just the perfect touch to an all day tourist sightseeing extravaganza.
We also went to Salem which fulfilled my love for all things witch, somewhere I had been dying to see since I moved to the East Coast.
It really was just an amazing trip and left me refreshed and ready for school to start Monday!
Classes are fine, not much to say about those. But with everything else going so well (fingers crossed it stays like this way for awhile) I figure school will also go according to plan.

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