Alone but not Lonely


So this post is being inspired by the fact that literally EVERYONE I know left Madrid this weekend and I (tear tear tear) couldn't produce the funds to support another excursion... if you catch my drift. However, it is what it is and as this weekend approached I found myself thinking of all the possible things I could do alone. And actually... I found myself being really excited.
Now I am a bonafide introvert and I really don't have a problem with it. Of course I go out to parties, I am able to talk to large groups of people, and I can socialize rather well. I feel like introverts often get a bad rep because people just imagine a curled up girl alone in her house reading a book next to the fire. Which, as magical as it sounds, isn't the only thing introverts do. I read something recently (probably on tumblr) that talked about the difference between extroverts and introverts. To summarize it basically stated that the main difference is only that extroverts replenish their energy from socializing where as introverts, who are completely capable of being social, expend their energy from socializing. I would have to say that pretty much hits it right on the nose!
Anyways back to this weekend. Well I knew I had a mondo project that I should have been working on all semester -teehee- but I figured what better time than now to really zone in on all my final to-do lists. There seemed to be so much I could do that I actually worried there wouldn't be enough time to do anything else! So friday I woke up, finished a powerpoint, made three study guides, and then decided to call it a day. But I told myself that I was not going to just sit inside and watch gilmore girls until kingdom come. So I put on my coat and walked to the Prado so I could see Goya paintings which we had just finished covering in my art class.
I absolutely adore the Prado. As... interesting as modern art is, it just doesn't really inspire me much. I loathe looking at a painting and being like THIS LITERALLY HAS NO MEANING I COULD'VE DONE THIS which happens a lot when I go to museums like the MOMA in New York or the Tate Modern in London.
After this I walked back home and finished off my night with Gilmore Girls. Saturday I woke up, made a study guide for my architecture class, practiced my presentation, made a to-do list for studying this week, and fin. Then I put on my coat and went to Gran Via to buy a sweater I had seen thursday from Pull and Bear. After I walked home from Sol which takes about 40 minutes, but I just really cleared my head. No cell phone, no english... anywhere. I came back completely frozen and completely happy. Then I finished the night with some more Gilmore Girls.
I hate having to justify to people that I really am okay with being alone. Of course I don't want to be alone all the time and when I do get social interaction I gladly welcome it but I am very independent in that I will make a schedule for myself and just do what I feel. Today actually I'm torn between going to the Reina Sofia or just walking in Parque Retiro. Either way it is going to be what I want to do!

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