The Green Eyed Monster


I am a sucker for the buzzfeed quizzes. I literally could sit for hours and answer these pointless questions that often lead to uninteresting results. However, on multiple quizzes they ask what your cardinal sin would be if you had one. You know gluttony, wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, and envy. At first I really would struggle to think what mine would be until I asked one of my good friends what he thought.
When he said envy immediately i realized that he was right on the money. Often times i find myself getting jealous at the smallest things. Like if i find out my friends are together and im sitting inside studying I just want to cry.
I know it isn't normal and i'm pretty sure other people don't get that same sense of anger but it isn't something that i know how to control yet.
Perhaps it is a result of the "Facebook Effect"--the one where everyone is posting statuses about the awesome things they are doing and you feel like your life isn't enough. I think it is normal to see things other people have and feel that you want-or deserve- the same. But where is the line drawn?
So a question i have for everyone is "what would your cardinal sin be?" and "any advice on getting rid of it?"

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