Last. day. of. friday. classes. EVER.
When making my schedule last semester I somehow talked myself into believing that two three hour friday classes (starting at 8 am) was a good idea. Is this a sign that i am mentally ill? Perhaps. However I am proud to say I made it to every single class. I am also proud to say that I will NEVER DO IT AGAIN.
On another note, my first final is today and I am not prepared at all. Although my roommate believes that I studied long enough... it is always so hard to tell! 
There is just so much more that can be done and I always end up studying the wrong stuff. It gets beyond frustrating but luckily its an ethics final and the majority of it is opinion based (what my opinions are... well those have yet to be determined)
But friday is here and only 12 more days until I'm flying across the country back to my home in California!
I hope everyone has a happy and productive friday :)

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