The End of the "Teens"


I am going to start off by saying I HATE birthdays. The drama and the anxiety that surround this day has always been something that irritates me to no end. However, seeing as this is my official last week as a teenager, I am starting to get that unsettled feeling in the pit of my stomach. Can it really be that after next friday I am officially in my 20's?!?! 
I already hate getting older and I haven't even reached my 30's yet... something must be wrong with me right???
What I am looking forward to is a nice getaway to D.C. for my birthday weekend with my side-kick (fulfilling our House of Cards dreams) ;)
Happy Hump Day! 

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  1. Hello Samantha, don't sweat it . . .its a great part of life. Although responsibility can be daunting, it is awesome to be experiencing it all in NYC. My B'day was the 16th . . . .and I still get excited. Party, celebrate, reflect then plan. Bestest to you young Jasper!