The Upright Citizens Brigade


Let me start off by saying that I love comedians. I love the fact that they find humor in places that most people would never even notice. So last night a group of friends and I all went to the midnight comedy show at the upright citizens brigade in the village. I had high hopes going in because I knew that this was a place where many famous comedians got their start. But almost immediately I found that most what they were saying I couldn't relate to.
All male and extremely hipster, they seemed angry at the world. One man talked about science and religion and you could feel the uncomfortable laughter that seemed to resonate around the room. 
Of course some of the things they said were hilarious, but I was still a little let down by the end. 
Maybe the fact that I was beyond exhausted by the time it started and did not stop yawning once the entire show didn't help. 
But humor is something that is either a hit or miss and, to me, it was a major miss.

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