Monday Funday?


Is there anything better than doing well on something you care about. Today I had to give a 50 minute presentation on Othello and not to brag but it went better than I ever could've expected. Everyone was really engaged in what I was saying and the teacher was extremely positive.
I am so happy that this happened at the beginning of week. Mondays are synonymous with being horrible and start off my week so positively was perfect.
Also in between writing the first half of this blog post I went and auditioned for my college's cabaret. One of the numbers is cell block tango so of course I couldn't say no. My three roommates and I all dressed up and went to the audition. I had been told it was simply a dance number but no no in order to audition for Velma you had to sing! So here I am with gum in my mouth singing a song totally unprepared. But it went well and the audition was a lot of fun! Out of I would say 20 girls I got one of the lead speaking roles but here's the catch... I am the Ukrainian. So here comes another challenge to memorize not only the lyrics but in a completely new language.
Oh well beggars can't be choosers.
(Also my roommate got the part of Velma which I am seriously ecstatic about!)

And, in the spirit of the show *He Had It Comin'*

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