Well everybody october is finally here! To say I am excited for this month is understatement. Last year October ended up being the toughest month in terms of homesickness. Why this happened? I have no clue! 
But this year is definitely going to be different. I have so many things planned for this month I don't know if there will ever be a minute to stop and catch my breath! Could this be a downside? Possibly. But I am so ready to take it on and come into November ready to rumble. 
The two major things that will be happening are 1. We are going to my roommates home in Easton, Maryland for Columbus day weekend. 2. MY BEST FRIEND IS COMING TO NEW YORK FOR THREE DAYS! 
I know that having these things lurking around the corner is going to be a big distraction. And with midterms coming up there really is no room to mess around. 
I guess I will just take each day as it comes because there really is no reason to freak out or stress out when we have sooo many things to look forward to. 

P.S. totally playing down my stress level really helps me cope with the fact that... I am totally freaking out about the amount of work I have for school. Hopefully with all this fun will come a bit of inspiration to get my work done ahead of time
 Dinner at Smiths with Christine's amazing family
 Pictures at the Palace hotel because... Gossip Girl

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