50 people on the secret I am terrified to tell


All my life I have been fascinated with the idea that there are billions of people in the world and each one is living there own life completely separate from yours. We imagine our own problems to be worse than others and our successes to be greater. 
While driving in the car or sitting on the subway I often like to imagine what kind of life all these people have lived. Where they work, what their childhood was like, etc. 
While on the website stumble upon this morning I came across a website that seriously cured my need to know strangers secrets. 

some of these stories seem a little stretched but if they are true... I can't even begin to describe how entertained I was reading everyones secrets. 
From living in a bunker under a home you had to sell to faking your death and moving to Africa, every secret has something completely original about it. 

If you have the time in your day I highly suggest you read them :)

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