Back to the Old Grind


Well everybody it is officially the end of my first week of sophomore year! I don't even know where to begin. I guess I can start with having to say goodbye to my AMAZING california friends last friday at a little bonfire on the beach (minus the bonfire). I always pray that saying goodbye will get easier and easier each time I leave but I am now finding out that the opposite is happening. I can't help to feel that as I am going on a different path with my life, so are all my friends. To think that one day I will return home and they will all have either moved away or just moved on is terrifying. Of course I know that most of my friends will be life long. Being that I am 3000 miles away from them, maintaing constant interaction proves to be extremely difficult. None the less knowing that I have such an amazing support system back home is always empowering as I venture into the unknown.

Now to talk about saying goodbye to my beautiful mother. To say we went through a lot this summer is putting it mildly. The loss of our dog and 1 year anniversary of my grandfathers death, all within the same week might I add, really through us for a loop. As the days of my departure grew fewer and fewer I found myself digging my feet into the ground, completely powerless to stop it. How could I leave her at a time like this? My grandmother moving out the same weekend creating a almost completely empty 5 bedroom house! But I know I couldn't have done any of this without my mothers undying support. 
Finally to the actually journey back to New York. To start off I probably should NOT have taken a red eye the day before school started. Not only did I not sleep for a single second on the plane, I also had absolutely no time to even sit and think for the rest of the day. After getting ripped off by the taxi driver to school my mind was swimming with all the errands I had to accomplish in one day. Unpacking, checking in, buying a comforter, organizing, school books and supplies... the list went on. Luckily my amazing suite mate Christine was able to drive her car to all the places we needed to go! I am surprised that I was able to survive that day and also wake up for 8 o'clock class the next morning but of course it all worked out!
I am hopeful that this year is going to be fantastic but I can't shake the nervous feeling that each semester is passing by faster and faster until one day I will be off on my own! 

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  1. love your header! I just got back from NYC and loved the high line!