summer update


I am literally sitting hear in awe of the fact that tomorrow is July 1st. Has it really been a month and a half that I have been out of school?!?! Anywhooo this summer has been fantastico! Apart from the fact that it took my work a month to finally hire me back I consider it a blessing in disguise. Sure it would have been nice to make more money this summer but the time that I got to spend not only with friends and family but also alone was precious. I have done more this summer in this short time than I did in a year when I lived here full time. Do I miss New York? Absolutely. Do I miss my college friends? More than words. But I thank God everyday that I grew up in such an amazing place with such amazing people.

The train ride from New York to San Francisco

Buggos 95th Birthday

A day in Venice

Girls weekend in Arrowhead

Beach daysss

Laguna Sunsets

Work... Glorious Work.

old friends

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