It's officially April and that mean's we are a quarter of the way done with 2017. How this happened, I just don't know.

March was a super...interesting month for me. I quit my job mid-February and have been in the throws of job applications, interviews, and lack-of-income stress all month long. In some ways it's been really good for me. Here's why:

  • I have been steadily working out more and more each week. 
  • My routine revolves around making sure I stay as busy as I can all day long.
  • I buy less useless crap because I need to maintain a budget.

So yeah! It hasn't been as bad as I expected which was my biggest fear with staying in my previous job. I let the fear of having to rely on myself stop me from doing exactly this a few months ago. The regret I have for wasting so much time is worse than not having a job currently in so many ways.

But, I digress. Just because three months of this year have gone by doesn't mean I'm not optimistic about the next nine! Actually I'm feeling really, really positive about everything. 

Here are my current goals for the rest of 2017

  • Cut all processed foods out, sugar intake has to be from fruits and other natural sources, order healthfully if eating out.
  • Find a way to workout every single day
  • Do "Yoga with Adrienne" 30 Day Revolution Yoga
  • Have Water with Lemon every morning & replace green tea with coffee
  • Put more effort into my blog (haven't loved the content I'm producing for the past month)
  • Work on my relationships & cut toxic energies out of my life
  • Reduce all unnecessary spending & control myself at Target
  • Reach out to local brands
  • Write a gratitude list at least once a week (if possible every day)

These are all such small term goals and I think that's what makes them realistic. If they were "get a job" or "move out" it wouldn't be something that I can do every day. These are all goals that are totally a part of me putting in the effort every single day.

I'm curious to know what your goals were for 2017 and if, at this quarter mark, you have achieved any. Or if you need a little reminder to get back on track then don't worry, I definitely do too. 

I hope every has a beautiful April (It's my birthday later this month!) and that you don't give yourself too hard a time with life. We are all doing the best we can, loves. 

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