As the months go on I find myself growing a bit bored of routine. I love change and I think it's important to constantly evolve and learn and grow. Leaving my comfort zone is something I try to do every single day.

Why am I talking about this? Well, if it's possible, I would love to make Tuesday's blog post Youtube days. Like last week when I posted my first Vlog, I thought it was a really nice diversion from the normal schedule. 

Don't get me wrong I love blogging and writing but I also love talking and that's what Youtube videos allow me to do! 

So if you're up for the experiment so am I. And every time I make a video I'll write a corresponding post to go with it. *Just killing two birds with one stone here!*

I love love love all things beauty. While I don't have the funds to buy all the great new makeup collections that are popping out of the ground, it doesn't mean I don't yearn for it in my heart of hearts!

That's why I thought the Beauty Tag would be so much fun! There were initially forty questions but some were irrelevant or wouldn't fit in the 15 minute time frame Youtube allows.

In a part of the video I talk about my struggles with a really bad break out I had recently that sort of killed my clean face confidence. It was something I had never gone through growing up so to be an adult with such a sudden hit of acne was difficult.

I also talk about my favorite celebrity makeup, favorite mascara's and lipstick's and much much more!

If you come check it out be sure to leave a comment it would mean more to me than you know.

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