So March has sprung it's lovely head around the corner for us. I know back in New York they are having fantastic weather which makes me happy to know that even though I suffered four long winters (last years was better... still not great) people are enjoying city-life outdoors.

All I can say is that February was a trying month and I am ready to put it behind me. However, 2017 has definitely been an interesting year and I feel like I'm learning more each and everyday.

There were some really great things that happened this month and some extremely difficult obstacles which I'm still currently staring in the face. It's terrifying and wonderful all at once and I'm not sure I still quite know how to process it all.

But now I'm here to share my February favorites because I did love quite a few things that I wanted to share with you all!


So I had been using Clinique's foundation since around September. I am going to do a whole post on what happened but basically I realized that Clinique and my skin just are not friends. So I needed to find something else and saw a ton of people giving good reviews about Revlon Colorstay foundation.

Besides the good price point I am really happy with the outcome. I think I need to go lighter with the foundation color but I loved the choice between oily/combo skin and dry skin. It goes on really well and is definitely comparable to higher end foundations.

It just goes to show price doesn't always mean quality. And also listen to your skin when it tells you it doesn't like a product!


I don't know why more people don't talk about this incredible mascara. I'm not joking when I say it may be the best one I have ever tried. It lasts so long, applies really well, and makes your lashes look ridiculously long. 

I have been using the L'Oreal liquid eyeliner for quite some time and they are both some of the best drugstore options I've found. If you're in the market for a good mascara I would definitely recommend trying this one out.


It's pretty great to see how much Micellar Water products have blown up in the past few months. It seems like suddenly it was everywhere I looked. And for good reason too as it works so well! 

When I was having skin issues I kept switching up makeup removing wipes because I was hoping to see some improvement. I picked these one's up and instantly remembered why I loved the Garnier Micellar Water so much.

And it's in pink packaging which is also a great marketing tool. 


I will funnily enough be talking about the corresponding novel in the book section but Big Little Lies started this month on HBO. A few years ago, being the film nerd that I am, I watched every single one of Nicole Kidman's movies. I think she's the epitome of class and grace so you can probably see why I was so excited for the announcement of this television series. Then add in Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley... like come on HBO. Making all my dreams come true!

Girls also started up again this month and I am actually very glad to say that it is the last season. The characters are still the same as they were 6 seasons ago but I have watched every episode since season one. Why? I have no clue. But I will continue to watch until the season finally and then I'll tuck it away and never think about it again.


So now I'll talk about how much I loved Big Little Lies the novel! Even though I was having a hard time getting into the habit of reading I'm really happy I stuck it out to the end of this book. The ending was incredible so if you haven't started to watch the television show yet I would suggest you read it first. I read it with all the actors faces playing their respective roles which was fun. It was like when I read Harry Potter recently and read the character's lines in their voices. 

I am going to do an entire post on Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear so I won't say much here other than talk about a life changing read. 

I'm now reading The Handmaid's Tale and I'm so excited to dive right in to this strange world created by Margaret Atwood.


I know I did a whole post on movies this month (granted it is my biggest passion so don't judge me too hard) but I watched a few other films I totally loved. 

The first was Moana. Ugh, I adored it so much more than I expected. Her character is such an inspiring role model for children and I would even say adults. Following your heart is something Disney has tried to instill in us for years and they really did a fabulous job with this one as well. 

Sing Street was another film that I thought was so well done I needed to share it with you. The original music was so well done I found myself listening to a few of them on Spotify a few weeks ago. 

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