So the other day after posting my last blog post I noticed that it was, in fact, my 200th post. Which I think is a pretty great accomplishment and made me reflect on everything that's happened since my first post.

Going all the way back to 2012, my actual first post was a 25 before 25 checklist - which you can read here if you would like. At the time I was 18 and a very different person than I am now and I only have 12 of the items left on my list to check off.

First photo on the blog from 2013
Being that I'm 2 years away from 25 maybe it would be a good goal to finish! Something to achieve in the next two years that's not TOTALLY crazy. But it also made me nostalgic for the time when I hadn't achieved anything on that list.

I am so happy I started this blog for so many reasons than just to talk about beauty and lifestyle. I remember sitting in the library with my friends and setting up a (albeit very basic) home page and thinking of my first post.

Then I would go back maybe once or twice a month... sometimes letting quite a few months pass me by. I would write about my struggles, my stress, and my life. There were no makeup reviews or home decorating tips. It was just raw and authentic to me.

First attempt at a flat lay from 2015

And I literally had NO viewers. I remember being devastated when I realized you had to check a box so that blogger wouldn't count your own page views. Knowing that I was the one who read it 8 times and that no one else had seen it.

Then back in October of 2015 something clicked and I decided to change everything around. And I've learned a lot since then and even since September of last year when I really kicked things into gear.

So I have some tips that aren't necessarily from a money earning blogger. But instead from someone who has written 200 posts and been on the lowest end of the scale, completely invisible. So hear you are and I hope they help you:


Who was I honestly kidding not having ANY social media presence promoting my blog? I mean I never told a single soul about it and that definitely includes the vast world wide web audience. Did I really think someone was going to accidentally type in my web address and find my blog?

Social media has been a game changer. And I've really invested a lot of time into being present on social media. What's funny is I used to despise Twitter but now I would say it's my favorite social app. 

I've spoken with and listened to and vibed with so many interesting bloggers through twitter. It's something I'm glad I've had these past few months. 

Instagram took me awhile - which I'm now kicking myself don't worry - because I knew that the algorithm was bad. I didn't want to get stressed about followers or posting a good picture every day. But I'm really happy I've tapped into that social app now. And I can't imagine what I did beforehand!

So if I were my 18 year old self I would definitely tell her to start making her presence known on social media. Start talking to people and building connections. Go to blogger events and meet people. Don't be afraid to get out there and make yourself known.


Oh, my number one foe. I don't know what it is but it's like I'm at this constant battle with photography. 

I don't know if it's because I'm a perfectionist or what but I am very, very rarely satisfied with my pictures. And while I know I've improved I still feel like I have a long way to go. 

Also, considering I used stock images for three years (or no images at all YIKES!) I should be proud of myself for getting out there and learning. It's all about practice and sometimes you need to be bad at something before you can be good.

Flat Lay Progress from 2017


I know blogger block, and I know it well. Honestly, until I came up with the twice a week schedule I found inspiration really hard. 

But suddenly, like a spark in a fire, I'll be hit with inspiration. I recently finished Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and it has taught me so much about my creativity. I will definitely be writing a whole post on this book so don't you worry. It's coming. 

She was very right when she said you need to wait for inspiration. You need to call out to your creativity. It's there waiting for you to ask for it. 


I guess I shouldn't say organization as much as I should say develop a routine. Like I said above my biweekly posts have been easy to manage with my schedule. And if I ever feel like two is too much, I'll go down to one.

I don't know if my Blogtober or Blogmas posts made me hate blogging for awhile but they definitely made me beyond frustrated. But that's where organization comes in to play. 

Now instead of writing a post to be published the next day I'll write it three or four days in advance (even sooner if I'm feeling really inspired) and then it's done. I can tweak it and perfect it. I can erase it and write something else. 

There is so much more room for error when you give yourself time. So give yourself the necessary amount of time to write a post and make it special. Never feel like you need to post every day to be successful.


I don't know where in life I'll be in another 200 posts, which is both scary and exciting. Maybe I'll stop at 300 or maybe I'll go on to write 3,000. Maybe my blog will take off or maybe it will stay small.

The point is that I didn't start this blog with the aspiration to have it be my job and I would never put pressure on it to support me. I think there is a lot of luck involved when the lucky few are chosen to blog full time.

And that's okay and it's fair. I'm just happy to keep posting when I feel inspiration. And I hope by 400 posts I still feel the same way.

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