I, like many others, am eagerly awaiting the arrival of springtime. I live in Southern California where the sun shines bright most days *cue Another Day of Sun from La La Land* and I still wait for the changing seasons.

All the pastel colours and bright new flowers popping up hits a part of you that creates instant happiness. I always yearned for Spring in New York & February was always the gloomiest, yuckiest, most blegh month that seemed to go on forever. There were times I would try to trick myself into thinking it was actually not as freezing cold out but that clearly never worked.

Flash-forward to now and even with the beautiful days of sunshine I'm still thinking of those new Spring days. Which is probably what got me to walk in to Bath & Bodyworks to look at all their new candles!

Watermelon Lemonade

I really want you to try to visualize this scent because it is SO good. I told the sales woman that I was looking for something sweet and she delivered. The notes are Watermelon Ice, Sparkling Water, and Meyer Lemon. But it smells as sweet as candy! 

Given that it takes SO long for these candles to burn, and I have this obsession with having my candles burn all the way down before I start another one, I got the single wick. But, if I love the scent as much as I think I will, I would absolutely go and buy it in the three wick. 

Strawberry Mimosa

Again another sweet and very fruity scent that sings out "Springtime!" While the pink colour may have been one factor in this purchase the scent was too good to pass up. The notes are Juicy Wild Strawberry, Effervescent Lemon Zest, and Sugar Crystals

Even with the fruity scents there is something so clean and pleasant about this candle. If the month of February is going to have it's own signature scent I'm happy it's one that is as calming as this! 

There were so many fantastic candles to choose from I swear I probably look crazy smelling and re-smelling all the candles from their huge selection. Perhaps by the time these two candles burn down they will have their summer line out and we can really get things swingin'! 

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  1. I love the sound of the wild strawberry so much