*cue La La Land Soundtrack* I swear seeing that movie - multiple times now - made me even more driven to move up to LA. Luckily I only live an hour or so away but I'm always so much happier when I'm actually there. My closest friend loves to go equally as much which makes it so much more enjoyable. 

We really made a day out of this even though we didn't end up leaving until almost 2 - dinner reservations were set for 9:30 so we had time to kill. Here was our lovely day in Los Angeles. 

Ike's Sandwich Shop

My best friend had been raving about Ike's since Thanksgiving of 2015. He said there was a sandwich so delicious he got it twice in one day. So I figured if it really was as boss as he said that making the trip to Inglewood would be worth it. 

Holy-frickin-moly it was unlike any sandwich I have ever tasted. The name is Ménage à Trois and if you ever have the chance to go to Ike's prepare yourself. It is so so so good. They also have a lot of vegetarian & vegan options! 

Another small but cool part was driving through the mahoosive houses around UCLA to get to Alfred's which is on Melrose. We basically had our heads sticking out the windows just oohing & aahing at these grand abodes. 

Alfred's Coffee

I confess that the main reason I wanted to go to Alfred's was for the Minnie Mouse Rock the Dots campaign that was literally on every bloggers Instagram. Who doesn't love some polka dots and coffee?! 

Melrose itself is a spectacle and definitely a must-see. With the weather being unnaturally gloomy for Southern California a lot of people were popping in for some coffee. There was also a woman down the street doing a full on photoshoot (which is actually hilarious to watch).

Ace Hotel

So if you're wondering about geographical distances between each of these places, even though they are all in LA, none are close together. Especially the Ace Hotel which took us almost an hour to drive to since it is in Downtown LA and we were on Melrose which is in Beverly Hills.

We went to the rooftop to get a drink and it was completely empty which was actually really nice. Being above the city and just knowing how many people were down on it's bustling streets, but away from it all. It also started to rain which only made it feel even more calming.

I got a drink called the Marie Antoinette (naturally.) and it tasted like strawberry cream. Would definitely recommend! 

Chateau Marmont

Ugh... the Chateau Marmont. This place is my absolute favorite building/atmosphere in the entire city of LA. The history, the people watching, and the food are all what makes it so incredible.

There are always famous people there which makes it fun to look around and wonder who they are and what they do. Just this last time two of the more recognizable celebrities we saw were Sam Smith and Toby McGuire.

But back to the food. Everything off the menu is incredible and definitely worth the high price point. That's one other thing, it is expensive but you are paying for the ambiance, the energy, the chance to be a little more fancy than normal.

If you are ever out in LA make sure you check out my other travel guide here. And if you want more pointers just ask away in the comments below!

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