I can't lie to you... I am kind of happy this week is almost over. My work schedule was so overloaded I feel like all I did was wake up, blog, work, blog, sleep, repeat. But it's Friday and also day 9 of blogmas! Can that really be? Must it go so fast? (I realize this sounds crazy as I just said I was happy the week was over) I think I'm going to make more of an effort to go out and do Christmas-like things next week. But's a weekly roundup to stop me from yammering on!

Photographer Transforms One Room Into a World of Colour

I think this article from buzzfeed is incredible. But what is more incredible is the photography! I mean sometimes it is breathtaking just how creative people can be. I think my favorites are the white and red rooms. What are your favorites?

Hairspray Live

So back in grade 8 I was in a choral class and we sang the entire book of Hairspray for the Spring Concert. I think that was when my love for this musical began! When they announced this year that Hairspray would be performed live I was so excited. Even if it didn't have Zac Efron (lol) I couldn't wait. And they did SUCH A GOOD JOB. If you have a chance to watch it, you'll love every minute of it I'm sure!

Expert Career Advice is to Stop Looking for a Job

It is no secret that I recently graduated college and have been in the search for a good job for well... months now. And it is very tiring and unseteling to be in the home stretch of the year without a prospect for a position. So, if you are like me or soon to be in a position like me I suggest giving this article a read! It has some very interesting (and different) advice from what we all have come to learn.

The Best Breakfast Recipes in the Entire World

I am a breakfast lover through and through so when people tell me they sometimes forget to eat breakfast I'm like how?! This post made me basically drool and also want to learn how to make each and every recipe. Yum!

So another Weekly Roundup comes and goes. I hope your week was wonderful and that your week ahead looks pleasant as well XOXO Sam

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