Okay so this post is not going to be a rant per se. It's just going to be some of my musings on this time of year. This time that is supposed to be filled with warmth and compassion. A time when selfishness should be set aside. It's the last month of the year, shouldn't it be the best one?

I'm not sure I know exactly when my love for this time of year began because I wasn't always so full of Christmas Spirit. Last year when I was living in the apartment in New York I was trying to find ways of bringing happiness into myself. I roped in my roommate and best friend and saw how much fun they had when I (basically) forced them to partake in holiday activities.

These actions may sound weird for some people and, obviously, it's not a time of year that everyone celebrates or everyone appreciates. Maybe you had a lot of bad experiences in the past around Christmas time. Or you never felt a connection to this time year. Those reasons are all valid to me.

All I want is to show positivity for a time of year that many people become jaded with. And I know this from experience so don't think that feeling is lost on me. Instead, think of December as a time to be excited about life again after an entire year has gone by. Trust, this year hasn't been a great one for me but I still see the good in the bad.

So sit down on the couch with anyone you love, make a big hot chocolate, make stupid arts and crafts, bake too many sweets you'll never be able to eat, and be happy. 2016 is almost over, the year that everyone has dubbed the worst. Let's change that this December!

I hope this post wasn't too extra (I don't want to sound like a motivational speaker) but if you have any feelings about this time of year let me know in the comments. I would appreciate your thoughts and make sure to tune in tomorrow for more my loves XOXO Sam

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