Let's just sit here and really appreciate for a moment that December is the last month of 2016. You may be thinking well... duh. What I mean is that this horrible second half of 2016 is almost over! And I really, really, realllly want to make this last month good. Because come 2017 I am hoping things start to turn up. 
But beyond that it's also the month of Christmas so good or bad at least I can hold on to that! Now let's move on to this weeks weekly roundup, shall we?

Moana Soundtrack 

I haven't even seen the movie yet and I'm already loving this soundtrack so much. I honestly think it's because I love how Lin Manuel Miranda writes his music that makes it so special. You can hear influences from how he wrote Hamilton and it just works so well. If you're a fan of Disney, Hamilton, or just want a great soundtrack to listen to I recommend it!

Guy Re-Creates Famous Movie Scenes with his Cat

I have no idea why I thought this Buzzfeed article was so hilarious. If you want a laugh I think this will do it for you. My favorite definitely has to be The Shining recreation. 

The Ultimate Zodiac Gifts for your Favorite Signs

Another gift guide from Brit & Co. that I think is brilliant! I am always given such a hard time by friends for my interest in the Zodiac so I think this is hilarious. Just scanning through some of the signs and thinking of who I know with that sign was funny. And as a Taurus I definitely agree with that signs gift ideas! 

A Bar in NYC That is Also a Nail Salon

Question 1) Was this in New York when I lived there? Question 2) When can I get to their other locations? So many questions and I need answers! Maybe in my next trip to New York??? I think yes. 

I know this month is going to go beyond fast and I'm not about it. Please slow down time a little! Come back tomorrow for Blogmas Day 3 with a special something extra XOXO Sam

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