Oh those long summer nights, so warm, so special and so full of absolutely NO good television. I honestly get a buzzed feeling anytime I think about all the incredible fall television shows out right now. It's the same for me as movies around Oscar season. I mean... you know they are going to be just the ultimate! 
And this year I swear it is like the television landscape is steaming with the best/most unique shows. I get truly sad when I can't watch something either the night of or the day after. Even when life is super busy... I mean, I gotta make time for T.V. right? 
So how could I resist making a blogtober post all about these amazing shows and just how special they are. Make sure your DVRs are ready to go because here are my top picks for 2016 Fall T.V.

Fall Television

Scream Queens

I really can't tell you how obsessed I was with season 1 of this show. I went as Chanel #3 for a Halloween party last year, bought a ton of stickers for my laptop, and quoted the show non-stop. Emma Roberts is genius but it's really Abigail Breslin that is making this season absolutely hysterical. If you don't already watch I would put this show on the top of your list. Ryan Murphy, you are a wonderful, wonderful man for all that you give us *blows a kiss*.

American Horror Story Roanoke

I recently categorized this blog and when I went back deep into the archives (like four years ago?!) I wrote about season 3, Coven. And since then I have written a post for American Horror Story ever since. But you know what? I lost hope a little in Freak Show and it took a bit of convincing in Hotel to really bring me back to the show. I don't know if I'll ever love it as much as the three original seasons but this season feels a little different. I've talked about this with my friends but I was so happy they kept everything secret leading up to the premiere episode. I think part of the charm of season 1 was that no one knew what to expect. And this season has that same special sparkle that keeps me watching every week.

Masters of Sex

I watched the first two seasons of this show when I was living in Spain and immediately loved the core characters. Season three I kind of fell off the wagon but decided before season four to catch up. I am really happy I gave this show another shot because it is so so good. As much as I love Masters and Johnson, I think Libby is my favorite character this season. But what I love most about the show? It is my hearts small replacement for Mad Men. And for that reason alone I will watch until the end!

Once Upon a Time 

Okay... this one is a bit of a love/hate relationship. It honestly feels like they have done every storyline three times over but for some reason... I always come back. Last season I didn't exactly focus when I watched but still I would watch every single week. My sister and I were joking about how old Henry is and how weird it is that he still says things like "operation cobra." Once again, this season feels like it's been done. And yet, I can't help but watch these characters do their (same) thing every week in the Fall and Spring seasons. 

This is Us

As soon as I saw the promo trailer of this show back during the Olympics I marked the start date on my calendar. And I am so so happy I did. This show is exactly what Television needs. It's dynamic, emotional, and wonderfully character driven. You genuinely feel invested in each of the characters stories and there have only been three episodes so far! If you haven't caught up, I ask that you do so immediately. 


Is there anyone out there that doesn't love James Marsden? I mean honestly... show them to me and I'll tell them they're wrong. The first episode was an absolute trip and I really can't wait to see where they take the show week after week. HBO truly does no wrong with their television picks. 

I really couldn't recommend you watching these shows more! They will be what I'm watching Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night until Christmas... is that a bit excessive? See you tomorrow Xoxo Sam

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