Welp. Bye August of 2016 it was nice knowin' ya! We are finally finally FINALLY in the month of September woo woo woo woo. I spent an incredible holiday weekend up in Lake Arrowhead and it was literally the perfect transition weekend into Fall. The air was chilled and when the fog rolls up the side of the mountain and spills onto the streets and houses around the lake it feels like you could be living in a cloud. I was able to wear my new bomber jacket (which shall be put in my favorites below!) and actually not feel crazy for bundling up.
We also went to the resort for a cheeky little massage and gaaahhh it was pure heaven! I think I will need to do a good post for Lake Arrowhead the next time I'm up there...
Without further ado here are my August loves


Makeup //


Misc. //

Books: I may have over done it with this one friends. I have decided to read every Jane Austen book and my goal is really to finish before December but I only have Pride and Prejudice finished so far! Now on to Emma! Starting my own Jane Austen Book club lololol
Movies: I didn't go to the movies once... this whole month... that. never. happens. 
Television: I also lagged hard in the t.v. department in terms of new television shows hehe sars.
I did rewatch Scream Queens and have been catching up on Masters of Sex before the new season starts! I am so beyond BEYOND beyond ready for Fall television to begin I could barf.
Music: I think I am going to be making a fall playlist so I will definitely link that in my twitter. 

Happy Fall y'all and let me know what you were loving the month of August! Xoxo Sam

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