So I feel like I kind of hit a wall in the blogging section of my mind. Honestly, the problem is that I have so many more ideas for fall and winter posts that this awkward, uncomfortably hot, everlasting summer time is just trè trè uninspiring. As I was racking my brain I realized that I have never done a celebrity/blogger/youtuber style post. I have an ENTIRE SECRET Pinterest page just dedicated to celebrity fashion. I have no clue why I keep it on private but Hey we aren't here to ask questions about my weird quirks right? Right.
So as I mentioned in my July Favorites (which can be devoured here) I read "Grace & Style: The Art of Pretending You Have It" and it made my internal gospel choir rejoice. Not only is Grace Helbig unreal gorg but her style tips are so frustratingly sensible! I feel like my style is never ever ever the same and literally changes with my moods so I have a crap ton of random pieces in my closet.

1. a Woodstock T-shirt for when I channel the flower child vibe
2. button up collared blouse for when I channel my inner preppy vibe
3. vintage dresses from when I wanted to be Zooey Deschanel

It's such a mess and is truly an example of my inner self but I'm telling you the book made me really rethink my shopping habits (as well as a crisis when I literally screamed at my closet for not having anything I liked). So here are some of the pins I have collected of Grace and her fab sense of fashion!

Let me know who your style crushes are and I will 100% check them out and maybe even add them to my secret board which you'll never know because it's private! Okay bye! xoxo Sam

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