Tanya Burr Cosmetics - Enchanted Dream Eye Palette Review


Another day, another British Youtuber's product to review. I was excited to see that Tanya Burr had released a new range of beauty items in June, along with her adorable cookbook "Tanya Bakes." As I had never purchased her other beauty products I wanted to try a singular item in the hopes that I would be urged to buy more! Waste not, want not my friends.
After looking over the other items (although the Martha Moo Luxe Lip Gloss was a high contender) I decided to go with the Enchanted Dream Eye Palette. And just like the Zoella Beauty products I reviewed a few weeks ago the shipping took ages! I was pleasantly surprised when the package arrived in the mail yesterday and was eager to try it and review.

The aesthetic of the packaging is very, very cute. Not being a huge fan of purple, it seems to be a perfect color scheme with the pigment of the eye shadows. The heart mirror is such an adorable touch to the palette and actually has a good quality for a lower cost product.
I absolutely love the names of the pigments as well: Moonlit walk, Cocoa Plum, Berry Soufflé, and Magic Carpet.
Now on to the actual usage of the eye shadows. I am not going to lie, when I first swatched them I was a little nervous about the transparency. The top two shades do have a lot of shimmer to them while the bottom two are more matte based. For the price, however, I do have to say I loved the way the end result turned out. These are exactly the colors I would wear on a daily basis to work, going out, etc.
I will report back on the staying power as well but for now I would definitely recommend these palettes to my friends and family! And like the packaging on the back says, stay forever enchanting my friends :) xoxo Sam

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