June Favorites


Well my lovelies it is already that time again. On the 25th I kept seeing ads saying "Halfway to Christmas" and it was just mind blowing! But also really exciting as I hope to amp up my holiday blogging game this year. I really love doing the favorites because I can go back and look at what inspired me that month. What was I listening to, watching, reading, etc. Honestly, even if you don't want a blog to be read, I would recommend it to everyone. It's like a yearbook of your life (if you stay consistent), much like going back and reading your old journals.
The posts I was making 6 months ago or four years ago are so completely different from what I am doing now. It's so much fun to read back on old posts and laugh/cringe/tear up from the memories I wrote down. So this is my message for the month of July: MAKE A BLOG, even if it's just on a blank white screen, no pictures, no flare. Take some time to make memories and write them down. Who knows if the internet will still be what is it today in 50 years but being able to go back and read about who I was at this time of my life would be so fascinating years down the road.
Okay... Rant over.



Music: This month was sadly really uninspiring in terms of music. If anyone has some cool tunes they've heard recently I would love to find some new jams!
Books: My reading corner is still consisting of Harry Potter but I finished the 4th AND 5th book this June so two more and I will have read the whole series, consecutively, in a pretty short amount of time (considering everything that was going on in the months of April and May).
Also I couldn't write a Favorites review without mentioning the book "Milk and Honey" by Rupi Kaur. Incredible poems that every twenty-something should read. I have definitely gone back a few times to re-read the poems that spoke to me.
T.V.: Orange is the New Black came back this month and I swear I did a really great job at not binging through them... until one day when I watched 5 in a row. That last episode had me crying for, no joke, the entire hour and 10 minutes.
AND OF COURSE CAN'T FORGET ABOUT GAME OF THRONES. It was a killer season that I think tops any television ever created all the way from start to finish. Just incredible television.
Movies: I was very excited for Neon Demon after watching the stunning teaser trailers but man... it was rough. Not even the gorgeous graphics and imagery could make up for the numb and snore-worthy plot and acting.
Finding Dory was trè adorable as I expected it would be. Baby Dory made me want to scream from cuteness.

That is it for my June Favorites! As always let me know in the comments what you were loving this month or tag your blog posts and I will definitely check them out! Much love xoxo Sam

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