Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Review!


So hello all! I'm here with my review of Zoella Beauty's new product launch aptly titled Sweet Inspirations. It's been probably close to a month now that her products have been out on the market but of course living aaaaallllll the way in California it took Feel Unique a few weeks to ship them out to the ends of the earth. And the Bath Latte was sold out when I went to purchase the items I wanted (and that was at the top of my list) so I put my name on the waitlist and anxiously awaited for the restock email. Lucky for me it only arrived a day after the other products had come in the mail.
I feel I should share how I came across Zoe and her products in the first place because A) I feel I'm slightly older than her main demographic and B) I'm a little out of region if ya get what I mean. I believe it was back in September or October of last year that I found Zoe's youtube and instantly liked her bubbly personality, genuine sense of humour, and also a similar taste in fashion and general lifestyle. When December hit and Zoe's vlogmas & main channel videos were literal Christmas Cheer I was hooked! I had bought other products before but was happy to finally be on the same timeline with the new launch (as last year when the line launched I was blissfully unaware of Youtube in general).
Moving on to le products in question here, I purchased:

  • Le Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer
  • Double Cream Body Cream
  • Bath Latte Bath and Shower Milk

I chose these three because I am super picky about fragrances and already have far too many body mists that I don't wear to add to the collection. I didn't get the two bags because I had recently canceled an Ipsy subscription and am now bombarded with makeup bags that are literally unused in a cabinet in my bathroom. And unfortunately the Body Fondant wasn't even listed on Feel Unique when I went to buy it sooooo that's that.
I absolutely adore the packaging of these products and the minute Zoe presented them (especially the Bath Latte) I was drawn to the whole color scheme. The 1920's patterns with glistening gold and vibrant pastels were too adorable to pass up.

Le Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer

You can't help but crack a smile at the sticker on the packaging saying "Do Not Eat" because it really does resemble a Willy Wonka-esque chocolate bar. And the interior (besides being stark white) is cut in tiny squares just like a bar of chocolate as well! As I am a thorough investigator and had to try all the products before I reviewed them I popped two of these puppies in the bath and watched them fizz away. Not big on the whole bath bomb craze myself I did love the scent of the water after these were dropped in. I was also pretty clueless to how a macaron would smell but I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at the scent. Especially how the scent lingered long after I had dried off from the bath.

Double Cream Body Cream

This scent is very similar to the Bath Fizzer but put into a wonderful lotion! Again the scent was one I had to get used to as it wasn't a typical vanilla, citrus, or coconut scent that 85% of body lotions have. I have to admit the initial scent is a little overwhelming and not entirely appealing but after about 20 minutes, when it is completely absorbed in the skin, it leaves a pleasantly sweet aroma. And the consistency is wonderful as well. As my art teacher in elementary school used to say "A little dab will do ya" and this is very true for the body cream. I like that a little goes a long way as I moisturize everyday and run out of lotions like it's my dang job!

Bath Latte Bath and Shower Milk

Honestly saving my favorite for last! I can't get over the packaging on this one. From the price, the look, the scent, the BUBBLES... This is a product I would purchase over and over again. And just like the Body Cream a very small amount makes a whole lot of foamy bubbles! I'm going to be a sad human when this runs out but I will definitely be keeping the bottle to use for some other DIY look. The scent is different from the Fizzer and Body Cream but still just as delicious smelling.

After testing these products I am definitely curious to see how the Body Fondant complements the collection...

Thanks for reading and if you've tried any of these products I would love to hear what you thought in the comments! Xoxo Sam

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