April...and May Showers: Spring Time Gloom Fashion


Hello! So New York has been just downright gloomy for literally like almost two weeks now. And if you live somewhere that has a colder climate you know that there is this weird/awkward inbetween phase where it's too hot to wear your big, puffy winter coats but is no where near warm enough to go without extra layers. I am someone who always jumps straight into summer once there is one hot day (it's the California in me I swear) and then I will be chronically cold for weeks after.
Now no one wants to go out and buy cold-weather clothes when summer is just around the corner but I scanned through some sites and found some pieces that would work well for the tween months!

Of course I am really hoping this gray sky leaves soon so I can enjoy my last few weeks in New York with a little bit of sunshine! Let me know what your favorite pieces are in the spring time gloom xoxo Sam 

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