Spring Break Week in Review - The Hamptons!


hello hello! back at it again a few weeks later... things have been so unbelievably hectic lately I really haven't had a moment *where I'm not sleeping* to myself. But starting last Thursday I was officially on my first day of my last spring break! And seeing as today is the first day of spring I thought I would share with you all my holiday week :)
the first five days are very easy to sum up: workworkworkworkworkworkwork. I literally worked 9 hour days at Gap starting Friday all the way to Tuesday. Between the travel, the crazy sale the store was having, and the time change (literally death itself) I would come home at the days end and collapse on the couch a comatose state until the next morning where I would get up and do it all over again. 
It felt kind of like the Kink's song "A Well Respected Man": Cause he gets up in the morning and he goes to work at nine
And he comes back home at five-thirty, gets the same train every time

I wouldn't even say I was disappointed with working that much as everyone had gone home for the week or on some spring break vacay and I know if I wouldn't have had anything to do for five days I would have been in a very sour mood about it all.
However, Wednesday finally arrived and I was up early to meet friends at Penn Station to go to the Hamptons!
Our friend has a cousin who is ridiculously wealthy (he's called the points guy? lol) and he has a mansion in the Hampton's that he opened up to her and her friends to stay at. I really didn't know what to expect going there but OMG. My heart started fluttering the minute we pulled up to the gate. This house was like something out of the Great Gatsby. I actually started screaming when I saw the all-white marble kitchen (to say this house is "goals" is putting it mildly).
A shot taken from the backyard
Day one we got in around 2 (I didn't realize just how far the Hampton's is from NYC) and we went and explored the house. First we all put on robes and danced on the back porch before going out and buying three huge pizzas. After this we all went in the indoor sauna and laughed as the temperature got higher and higher to the point of being too hot to breath. Once we were all showered and cozy we went downstairs to the movie room and watched Jurassic World (which I hadn't seen before and loved!) Everyone was exhausted after the movie and we crashed pretty hard that night.

Day two I was up early (surprise surprise) and once everyone was up we made breakfast and then headed to the beach. It was actually super cold but two of our friends wanted to do a "polar plunge" and ran into the water. I loved looking at the all the homes on the beach. It was exactly what I pictured Hampton's beaches to look like from movies and pictures I'd seen. Once we were all thoroughly frozen we headed back to the house. We went outside to play ping pong and volleyball for basically four hours and then came inside to cook. There was an appetizer theme of the night (we are college kids after all there had to be bagel bites somewhere) and ate way way way too much food. We played a card game after dinner and then went to the movie room and watched The Lego Movie - I made it about 15 minutes until I passed out. 

Day Three I actually slept in later than usual and we all went to brunch. After playing more volleyball, we came inside and just sort of hung out and talked. Being that we are all film fanatics we decided this house would be the perfect location to film a spy themed movie. It was hilarious! It took about four hours to film all the way through because we couldn't get through a take without bursting into laughter. I can't wait to share it with you all, especially since I got to play the villain which never happens! We were so wiped after filming we played a card game and headed to bed.

Day Four we were all up super early as I had to be at work that afternoon and others had family/friend things to attend. We were all so depressed to have to leave this amazing place. We created so many memories that I will always look back on with the warmest thoughts. I am not putting it lightly when I say this was the best holiday I have ever had with some of the most genuine people I know. And being that it is my last spring break as a college student I am so happy to have these memories to hold on to forever.

until next time! xoxo Sam

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