My Favorite Spring Trends


I have never been a huge fan of spring. Especially being in the the north east where it either feels freezing like winter or is hot and humid like summer. Even in California, where the weather never changes, I always felt spring was the most blah of all the seasons. They should really just call it allergy season because it seems like everyone I know this time of year is sniffling and sneezing from all the new pollens in the air. However, this year I have gotten more into it.
Perhaps working at Gap and seeing their spring collection has really gotten me excited for spring! In addition to this the weather in the New York (even though it technically snowed Sunday evening) has been very spring like for a few weeks now. I feel like this is the spring I have been waiting for all four years of being here.
I decided to pull a few of the pieces I was loving this spring to get everyone in the spirit as well!

I hope you guys enjoy this first week of spring and let me know if you would want to see any spring accessories posts! xoxo Sam

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