Winter Break Roundup!


Officially back in my apartment in New York after an absolutely lovely and refreshing winter break at home with my family. It's never easy for me leaving California but I can proudly say I did not cry once the day I left. I made it a point to stay strong as I know that after a quick few months I will be returning to my hometown to figure out the next stage of my life (more on how I feel about this in another post). It seems like the break was really split into two parts which made it feel even longer - the holidays and January. Christmas was so much fun but was so exhausting as we really had two long long days of family reunions (so much food I still can't think about it).

New Years went how New Years usually goes for me... not my favorite. It was actually New Years day that I found I had way more fun than the night before. Maybe I should remember that for next year...
January mostly consisted of spending time with close friends, relaxing, reading, catching up on movies/tv shows, and of course spending time with my sister. The last week of my trip was the most action packed of any of them. First, my mom, stepdad, sister, her boyfriend, and I all went for a ski trip to Snow Summit in Big Bear. It was so much fun I forgot how much I truly loved skiing and it renewed my eagerness to get back out there and keep practicing (I was so nervous before my first run I could barely pull myself off the ski lift!). 
Finally for the last day of my trip I went for a day to Disneyland with my best friend and sister. I feel like I really spent a good part of my teen years at Disneyland and it always feels like I'm visiting a good friend. The lines were super short because, first of all, it was a random Tuesday and, secondly, the weather was especially depressing for a California day. But that meant we had a chance to ride almost every single ride!
It's hard to see another break go, especially considering that would officially be the last break of my college experience. But I am back now and really want to make the most of my time here in New York before I move on to start the next chapter of my life. I hope everyone stays warm this weekend as I hear we are getting a huge storm (the weather must've known I would be returning...yipee...) Let me know in the comments down below some of the fun trips you have been taking this winter! xoxo Sam

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