You can be overwhelmed, underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?


  • Find a summer job
  • Get a storage unit
  • figure out how to get furniture to the storage unit
  • write and edit three essays
  • prepare an hour long sociology report
  • Practico español
  • write and practice a demonstration speech
  • Pack all of my things
  • study for final exams
  • buy a train ticket
  • take a train across the country
  • celebrate my birthday 
  • say goodbye to my roommate
....can I stop now?

As the semester begins to wind down I find myself getting completely caught up in the chaos of finals week and preparation for summer break. The mood on campus is growing more and more tense as the days go by and even the teachers are becoming lazier with the grading process. My friends and I try to find ways to take a break once in awhile but we all know that the only thing on our minds is the paper that is due monday or the quiz we need to study for. At this point I am past the point of exhaustion and all I want to do is crawl into my bed, shut off my phone and laptop, and sleep for the rest of the year.
But I really shouldn't complain because I know that soon enough this semester will be over and my grades will reflect all the hard work I put into this semester. Just got to make it over this last little hump and I am home free! 

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