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Some people are blessed with the gift of great gift giving -- how's that for alliteration? Have you ever been given a present so you, so absolutely and completely you, that you think... Oh my, someone GETS ME.

I, no matter how hard I try, am just not one of those people. I am presented with the opportunity of gift giving and always end up frantically searching for something that ends up being just sort of ... meh.

I'll rummage through stores searching and scanning for a present, anything to give me that spark inside. I'll imagine giving that person a present that makes them burst into tears and applause for being just so bloody perfect.

But, my lovelies, I think I've found a cure to my poor ailment of never giving a great gift. That cure?

Customizable Map of Our Hearts -

This website is like a gift of it's own and for SO many different reasons too!

One specific demographic I find myself having the hardest time shopping for is the gents. It could be the fact that I was raised in a house of women but my closest, dearest friends are male. So how can I be so terrible at it??? has a section devoted to the men in your life. It's sorted into separate categories which honestly helps narrowing down your choices so much easier.

I'll give you an example, my nephew is a teenage boy and do you honestly understand how hard it is to find something a teenage boy would actually like? (besides teenage girls but ya get what I mean) Well this website has a ton of gifts just for teens!

Your mum having a birthday? Sister? Grandma? Well they have something extra special for all those lovely ladies as well. Check that out here:

Birthdays can be the least of your problems if you have something like a graduation or anniversary to buy for! I know I would have adored the My Life Story So Far Journal when I graduated High school or College.

My Life Story So Far -
There really isn't any reason to not find something practically perfect for all my favorite humans. And, to wrap it all up in a shiny bow, this website has some really cool practices for how they run their business.

Ya won't find any furs, leathers or feathers in any of the products. When you're at the check out for your awesome gift you have the option of leaving a $1 donation to a select non-profit. AND they put a huge focus on sustainability and an ethical workplace which is pretty rad in this day and age.

I can't even tell you how relieved I am to have somewhere I can go to find a great gift. It's really going to save my booty at Christmas time as well when I can't figure out what to get my Uncle for the 15th year in a row...

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