I'm either going to sound very nerdy - never a bad thing by the way - or very extra in this post. But I felt SO INSPIRED to get on here and write.

This past Friday I went to see the new Wonder Woman movie and I left feeling such a deep and honest connection to the film. I am a very big fan of Marvel films and less so with DC only because I love the brevity of Marvel's characters.

The Batman Trilogy was an exception to this sentiment but even they couldn't compare to the star-packed character ensembles of Marvel films. So, when I first heard that DC was creating a Wonder Woman origin movie I was less enthusiastic about seeing it.

If I could travel back in time and warn myself how wrong those thoughts were I would because holy-moly this film is a winner in every way, shape, and form. Wonder Woman is easily my favorite Super Hero film and it was seriously a long time coming.

Personal Time

I am a feminist in the sense that I love seeing women in empowered positions. I'm a "you go get it girl" type of person but - and that's a heavy loaded but - I am not a man basher. 

I can watch Captain America or Iron Man and feel just as elated as I would if there were a Black Widow film. It's not solely about seeing a woman dominating in this scenario that made me feel so passionate.

More than anything it's about the type of woman that Diana (Wonder Woman) is in the movie. The world of the Amazon's was portrayed as a Utopian society. They were supportive and strong, something that you don't always see in women centered films. 

They weren't afraid of their strength and I'm sure many would even qualify them as "manly." They had bodies that weren't starving but were instead jam-packed with muscle.  Being the tall woman that I am I have always struggled with appearing less feminine than the typical lady. 

I was moved by these women and walked out of the theatre with my shoulder's back and head held high. How many movies have you leaving with a newfound confidence?

Diana was intelligent, brave, and unwilling to lower her moral's no matter the horror's she faced. These are the messages we should be sending to our youth. This is the type of hero we all need - man or woman. 

Even if superhero movies aren't your thing I compel you go to the theatre and see Wonder Woman. It's directed by Patty Jenkins who should be involved in every DC movie from here on out in my opinion. Have I emphasized how much a can't-miss film this is? 

So go out and get your tickets already!

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