May Favorites


Happy official first day of June everybody!!! The year is like half over and I'm just so confused as to how this happened? I know the years feel faster as you get older but my god it was literally just new years eve.

Anywho, I am back back in Cali Cali with ma fam and things are settling down to a manageable speed. It never feels right the minute I get back and I still think it hasn't hit me that I won't be leaving this time to go back to school... I have a feeling it won't really hit me until August/September when all the other students are going back and I'm still here. But onwards and upwards! 
This past month has been ridiculously crazy with graduation and everything so I didn't have a lot of time to think of anything other than what I needed to finish, pack, sell, send, say goodbye to, etc. etc. 
So without further ado, here are some of my May Favorites!
Music: Okay I jumped on the bandwagon... I listened to the Hamilton soundtrack and it was so freakin good but it was so freakin long. I also have bought some of the new songs from Lemonade - Hold Up, Sorry, Daddy Lessons. I watched the visual album too which was just stunning and breathtaking! 
Books: Currently on Goblet of Fire (my fav HP book) so I'm hoping I can just devote time to finishing those up and then going on to some new summer releases. If you have any suggestions let me know!
T.V.: I really didn't watch any television for the past I would say month and a half besides Game of Thrones. However, I caught up on the new bachelorette yesterday and even though I think JoJo is kind of a snore, guys this season are characters so I'll keep chugging along!
Movies: My friends and I went and saw the new Captain America movie and it was just everything. I would say it was better than the last Avengers movie by far. Now I really can't wait for Dr. Strange!!!

That would pretty much sum up my month of May! Let me know what some of your favorite things were in May as well :) xoxo Sam

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